St. Joseph sells another home!? The tradition of burying St. Joseph to sale a home has been going on for hundreds of years!

Quick History Note: St. Joseph was known as a carpenter and for training Jesus with these basic skills. A skill set needed in order to build a home. Because of this knowledge many people through history have called on his help for obtaining shelter, land, and the sale of their property.

We started the conversation on Facebook the other day: Does St. Joseph statue apply to real estate?? 

- Bonnie: Buried him Wednesday and you negotiated my sales contract on Saturday. I believe! :)
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- Nancy: I'm a believer. That's my St Joseph.
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Many people have different traditions of how they bury him: Facing the home; facing the street; upside down; right side up. Countless of homes have been sold with St. Joseph representation. Just type in a google search for 'St. Joseph real estate statue' and you will be brought to countless of pages and statues ready for purchase! I'd say the tradition is still alive and well!