Gwinnett County had high hopes in the potential economic growth when they invested in building the Coolray stadium. Many proposed projects have come and gone. Now they may have finally found the project that they are looking for. Mansions Senior Living has proposed plans for a senior community near the stadium. During last nights meeting the Gwinnett County Planning Commission recommended the project to be approved . 

"We've had multiple things come before that we were not excited about," Planning Commission Chairman Chuck Warbington said. "... I'm very happy with what we have here."

The Mansions project would bring detached homes, town homes, a four-story independent living facility and a two-story assisted living facility, the idea being that folks 55 and older will have the chance to move from life stage to life stage while staying in the same complex.

The proposal now awaits further discussion and a final vote from the county's Board of Commissioners.

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