Home staging is important when selling your home.  However, it can be very expensive.  Here are six effective ideas that won't break the bank.

1. Get a new welcome mat for the front door.

     Try to select one that matches the style of your home.  Fresh plants at the door are also welcoming, and show your home is well taken care of.

2. Hang mirrors in strategic places.

     Adding a mirror to a dark hallway or room can help reflect light.  It's especially effective directly across from a window, to let in more light.  You can also do a collage of smaller mirrors, which helps make a small space feel larger. Find them cheap at hobby or home stores.

3. Set a table, set a stage.

     Having place settings, with napkins, plates and wine glasses. This let's the buyers know the home is ready for entertaining. Your home is ready for family, friends, and fun!

4.  Replace personal pictures

     Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, not see your family photos.  You can move existing artwork around to fill the photo gaps, or purchase inexpensive artwork from hobby or home stores. 

5.  Use white linens

     New, white linens, shower curtains and bath mats can give your old bathroom a fresh, spa like feel.  You can add to the spa feel with fresh flowers, scented candles and soaps.    

6.  Add decorative displays.

     Group items of the same color, in odd numbers, with different shapes and sizes. Place on dressers and tables to add a coziness to your home.

De-cluttering and cleaning are obvious to preparing your home for sale. Take the time to use some or all of the steps above to enhance your home, and give it that glossy magazine feel. 

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