Home for sale - 20 kiloton nuclear bomb proof home - $17,500,000.00.

Worried about a upcoming nuclear attack or the attack of the zombies? No need to worry any longer now that this 20 kiloton nuclear bomb proof home is for sale in Tifton, Georgia for a cool $17,500,000. 

The bunker can withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast and has 3-ft thick walls. The home also has  4000-6000 PSI hardened concrete, decontamination showers, new secure air intake systems,  a luxury apartments that sleep 13 and 5 staff bedrooms. Other features of the home are a home theatre that seats 15.  6 HVAC underground systems, spring system throughout building to absorb blast, conference rooms, first-aid room and more. 

Don't worry you can also get plenty of shooting practice in your own 100 yard outdoor firearm range.

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