Fortunately or unfortunately I am going to share with you something that will change your Facebook life moving forward. More than likely there is a whole bunch of Facebook messages you didn’t even know existed.

Yup, they are there. I looked at mine this morning and I was shocked at all the message Facebook felt they would filter for me and not even let me know about them until I found this trick. 

Sounds suspicious and a little fishy but I promise you they are there. 

As you know how there’s a “message request” box in your Facebook messenger inbox where you can either accept or deny messages from people who aren’t your friends? Well, Facebook in their infinite wisdom decided to filter some of your messages on its own to decide which messages even pop up in that request section in the first place. 

I look at it like Facebook's auto Spam filter.  

Check out the article link below and let me know how many messages you found and potential business you may have lost!