Autumn might not be the first season that springs to mind when deciding when to list your home — in fact, it’s usually spring! However, you might be surprised to know that selling your home in the fall comes with serious benefits. Due to the limited inventory available every fall, buyers — many of whom have been searching for their dream property since spring — are more eager than ever to purchase a home. Still not convinced? Here are some facts that might just change your home and convince you to list your home this fall.

Historically, fewer homes are listed on the Atlanta market in the fall than in the summer

Summer always sees more homes on the market than fall. For example, in July 2016, there were 3,904 on the market; however, by November 2016, that number had fallen to 3,280. With fewer properties on the market, potential buyers have fewer options, and you’ll have fewer sellers with whom to compete.

Fall gets buyers thinking about family—and finding their perfect home in time for winter

Spring and summer are all about vacations and fun in the sun — and even though many people are browsing, buyers may be easily distracted. As the weather cools and school begins again, fall turns the focus back on the family and finding the perfect home in time for winter. If your home has cozy features like a large family or bonus room, breakfast or reading nooks, or fireplaces, consider listing your home in the fall to appeal to buyers still on the hunt.

Fall is the perfect season to settle into a new home

With kids already in school and settled into their routines, families are often eager to move into their new homes before the winter holidays. This means that if buyers love your home, they’ll often be willing to expedite the bidding process so that they can move in as quickly as possible.

You might have fewer showings — but the buyers who do come to your open houses will be ready to buy

Fall buyers won’t be as leisurely as spring and summer buyers; because so many have been looking for their dream property for months already, they’ll be looking for make moves as quickly as they can. Fewer buyers in fall mean sparser open houses, but those who do attend will be more interested than those looking in spring or summer, which means you’re likely to receive an offer sooner.

If you’re ready to list your home, don’t wait until spring comes around again! This fall, play up your home’s coziest features to entice eager buyers excited to find their dream property in time for winter.